Ольга (lastwitch) wrote,

The beginning of the story

Olga http://lastwitch.vipik.ru
The beginning of the story

The story had started in August 2000, when I've met a guy named Alexey and we started to live together... We were living and living and living and nothing had happened... We loved each other but something had stopped us from getting married and from start a family... That had been lasting till 26.05.2006 when I suddenly did understand - the relations are dead. There was nothing sweet between us anymore... I gethered all my things and moved away from him...That was awfull...


  • Себе на память: авто я)))

    Не хватает фото моей самой первой машины, ВАЗ21063 🙈 с ней я не фоткалась, но честно отъездила на бывшей машине моего папы первые полгода после…

  • And nothing else matters

  • За рулем

    Сегодня весь день за рулем... Весна в Питере и вокруг) Запись сделана с помощью приложения LiveJournal для Android.

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