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Is that bad or not - I don't know... I did love him, I've no doubt, but that did not keep me away from treasons and even short but exact relations with other men... Never. All my relations were marked like that...

From his side this question never can be discussed, as everyday sex for a man older than 30 years old is hard enough to have it twice and did not let his woman understand that...

Before our break I understood he has someone exept me...  For the first time during these 6 years. That also was a reason...


  • СНЕГ!!!

    Откуда столько детской радости и ликования внутри, я не понимаю ))))) Никогда особенно не любила зиму )) Но вчера вся моя московская лента в…

  • По-моему все-таки

    послезавтра наступило. Или ледниковый период, как хотите так и называйте. Сегодня было снежное и морозное апрельское утро. Трындец.

  • Для истории

    Весны не будет. Погода пошутила. С первым апреля. Запись сделана с помощью приложения LiveJournal для Android.

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