Ольга (lastwitch) wrote,

the main story

Olga http://lastwitch.vipik.ru
the main story

So now the main story has to begin...

That was 26.05.2006 when I gathered my things, put them in a car, switch on a computer which I left there for the last time, and put into my previouse blog a next post: "Hi all! I am leaving Alexey! There will be no comp at the place I am going to, and nor ICQ neither Damochka is working at the job, so write me everything to my e-mail... and the address..."

Early monday morning 29.05.2006 I went for a job and found out a letter from a guy named Alexander (further just A.). There was something like "Hey, girl! I read your post! Do not cry! I left my girlfriend two months ago - I know it is hard but the life is going on! So, let's meet?" And put there some pics of him. I thought - A handsome guy, why don't to meet? By the way I also needed to decide a question how to find a good sexual partner (I did not want any feelings that time) - so we decided to meet at Friday 02.02.2006...

... to be continued...


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