Ольга (lastwitch) wrote,

13.07.2006, 12:57

Olga http://lastwitch.vipik.ru
13.07.2006, 12:57

That's my third attempt for today to post something here - this job makes me breath rarely sometimes;) Anyway, it's OK for the salary they provide:)

So, as the short story about last 1.5 months of my life has been finished at the previouse post, now the online story is going to be started:)

Two last days were hard physically - A. has changed the job and I was just his driver from 18.00 to 01.00 all the two evenings to help him to shut all the questions... That only means now I need to make "further" and to make him feel - that's not the way I do usually, that was just a force majeure :))

Today we are planning to go to my dacha. A. wants to take his merry and unlucky friend Eugene with him, with a girl he introduced, to help them to start the relations... I am so tired physically that for me it's absolutely violet who else will go - just let me see 18.00 at my clock and put my foot at the gas pedal... I will drive away from here:)) Wanna swim today at dacha. Just a pic of my dacha - last summer, the July's rain:)


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