Ольга (lastwitch) wrote,

18.07.2006, 10:49

Olga http://lastwitch.vipik.ru
18.07.2006, 10:49

Here I am.

Yesterday visited A.'s parents. Then went to Maxidom - bought a lustre. Today's A.'s Dad is going to come to our flat and hang it up. We are starting to decide very household common questions. We are starting to get used to live together... I am thinking about design of curtains... This weekend I am going to try on and possible buy my red wedding dress - Olga had come from Paris and she's ready to sale it to me only for 13000 rbl, pointing that it costed 32000 rbls when was purchased... See the pic, by the way:

So.... The live is going on... There is still 97 days before the X DAY, but A. wants to buy rings and start to wear them immidiately... Also we need to book our red limousine if we want to catch the discount for this only one red vip-car in Saint-Petersburg...

Yesterday evening we had a wonderful sex making pics of us while making love - that was so great, sexy and mad... Why I am not happy I can not understand?? OK. Just wait and see, wait and see, wait and see... By the way I just called to GG and told her everything about my wedding. She was shoked. As I still am.



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