Ольга (lastwitch) wrote,

18.07.2006; 14:21

Olga http://lastwitch.vipik.ru
18.07.2006; 14:21

- He always has good mood speaking with me by phone during the working day.

- He wants to be in good relations with my parents.

- He's not against tattoo, creative haircutting, creative clothes, we have the same taste in music, movies, literature.

- He's not fastidious in food - I cook as rare as I like.

- He shares my Inet and comp passion:)

- Everytime I wanna sex he makes love with me with great pleasure. He loves to kiss.

- He wants to marry me and to have children with me.

- He's very conversable, we have a lot to discuss.

- He does love me?

These are those things I did not have before.


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