Ольга (lastwitch) wrote,

19.07.2006, 10:06

Olga http://lastwitch.vipik.ru
19.07.2006, 10:06
Yesterday I was in hurry writng "he always has a good mood" and "He always is ready to make love". After I picked A. up from his job, we went to pay to his photographer, then we went to "French Boulevard" - I bought shoes for myself and for him, then we went to shop - I bought Dutch Beer and sushi... And after all he told "I have a bad mood I do not know why..." These caprices are making me madden:( I do not want this to happen. So, we drunk some beer, went to the room, started to watch "Ameli" and he felt asleep:( There was no making love, no passion, no tenderness... Third evening during our relations... I am really sad... All the men start to grizzle being with me. Am I too good with them? I need to make "further".

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