Ольга (lastwitch) wrote,

28.07.2006, 10:30

Olga http://lastwitch.vipik.ru
28.07.2006, 10:30

What an awfull mood, I can't understand! I guess I am tired... I hope - not pregnant... That would be better to buy a Be-sure test, I start to do not belive in Novinette - strange enough but I feel pain in breast, as there was no pain last month...

Yesterday went to two wedding salons - in one I tried on the dress costs 60 000,00 rbls - noting special . In second even did not choose anything to try on. No dresses - only ugly curtains. Then we went to A's parents... Spoke a lot about wedding. Then went home and both caught bad mood. Hard enough... Found ourselves back only when have started to make love... Then I felt asleep and A. played the computer till 3 a.m. This morning also have had a good sex. But why the mood is so fucking ugly? :(


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